On a journey to becoming
more sustainable

How we do business 2013/14
£2.05m A Customer Assistance fund helping those struggling to pay.
Putting our customers first We introduced a social tariff for our most vulnerable customers a year ahead of schedule.
Water, a precious resource Our smart meters provide detailed information on water consumption – putting our customers in control of their water usage and bill.
5.19m Through our water efficiency programme we saved 5.19 million litres of water a day.
Sustainable Drainage Reducing the risks of sewer flooding and pollution.
Energy from Waste Using sewage sludge from wastewater as a resource – a more sustainable solution for our customers.
12.7% of the energy used for
pumping and treatment
was renewable
electricity we produced
Flooding resilience During 2013/14 sites with improved resilience remained operational - ensuring a more sustainable supply for our customers.
£1.6b Spent on goods, services and construction projects with our suppliers – working together to achieve our sustainability goals.
Eight2O Forming an alliance with seven key partners to deliver our major engineering investments for 2015-2020 – transforming the way we work.
£500k We continued to support our principal charity, WaterAid.
5 education centres Focused on raising our future generations’ awareness of water as a precious resource, and sustainable use of the wastewater network.
16,000 Learning and
development days
completed by our
employees during
A helping hand Our people participated in 1092 'Time to Give' activities through our volunteering programme.
Investing in leading edge innovations Becoming more efficient, having a positive impact on the environment and resources and improving the service to our customers.
£357 Our average bill remained the 3rd lowest in England and Wales – we continue to invest around £1bn a year.
It has been a busy and challenging year. Overall, we have delivered a strong operational performance, but recognise there are some areas where we need to do better.
Martin Baggs, CEO