On a journey to becoming
more sustainable

How we do business 2014/15
£4.3m A Customer Assistance fund helping those struggling to pay
Putting our customers first A social tariff for our most vulnerable customers, to provide a 50% discount on bills for qualifying customers
£370 Our average bill remains among the lowest in the industry, we continue to invest around £1bn a year
£20m Invested in leading edge innovations during 2010-15, becoming more sustainable, having a positive impact on our environment and improving the service to our customers
6.97m We saved 6.97 million litres of water a day through our leading water efficiency programme
Water, a precious resource Our smart meters will provide detailed information on water consumption – putting our customers in control of their water usage and bill
10,468 Our people participated in 10,468 hours of activities through our volunteering programme ‘Time to Give’
An industry first We launched a traineeship scheme aimed at school or college leavers with little or no employment background or qualifications, the first of its kind within the water industry
Sewage as a resource Using sewage sludge from wastewater as a resource – a more sustainable solution for our customers
Improving the tidal Thames Upgrades to our five major sewage treatment works in London, the construction of the Lee Tunnel and developing the Thames Tideway Tunnel
£6.5m Allocated to support our community partnership programme during 2015-20
A Flagship Angling Academy Focused on raising future generations’ awareness of water as a precious resource and sustainable use of the wastewater network
Creating alliances Working towards a shared set of goals, vision and values, delivering billions of pounds of investment
£1.6bn Spent on goods, services and construction projects with our suppliers – working together to achieve our sustainability goals
34% We’ve set ourselves a challenging target of reducing our emissions by 34% by 2020
1357 GWh Of the electricity we used to pump and treat water and sewage, 12.4% was renewable electricity we generated ourselves