Compensation following weather-related interruptions

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Message from Steve Robertson – Chief Executive Officer

I would like to personally apologise to all our customers across the region who experienced interruptions to their water supply following the freezing weather and rapid thaw last week. Having restored supply to all our customers our priority is now to follow up with customers and understand what we need to do better in the future.

Whilst we make extensive preparations for winter, this incident was unprecedented in terms of scale and technically complex to resolve. Our teams worked round the clock to restore supply however we recognise we failed to protect our customers from the impact.


We absolutely understand the distress and inconvenience of being without water. For that reason we will compensate affected customers over and above the statutory minimum of £20 for more than 12 hours’ interruption. The amount we will compensate will depend on how long customers were affected.

Customers will not have contact us or to do anything to make a claim to receive compensation. We will be writing to everyone affected very soon.

Time Affected
between 3rd March - 9th March
Compensation Payment
4-12 hours
12-24 hours
24-48 hours
48+ hours

Schools Impacted

We are very aware that the supply interruptions also led to the closure of some local schools and significant disruption to teaching staff, parents and pupils. In recognition of this we will make discretionary payments of £2,500 to each school. In addition we would love as many schools as possible to take up our offer of an education package of visits to Thames Water sites and talks by staff on STEM subjects.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity reassure customers that we are already applying lessons that we learnt and we will be completing a full assessment to identify what we could have done better.