How to keep your drains clear

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Throughout winter, the fat build up inside of the sewer freezes and blocks drains.

Keep your drains clear from nasty blockages

  • Fat and oil from Sunday roasts and Christmas turkeys can block your drains
  • Fat might be liquid when poured away, but cools down and hardens in your pipes
  • This can cause sewage to back up in to streets and rivers, but worse - into your home
  • Let fat cool then put it in the bin, it’ll stop your pipes clogging and help protect your drains
  • Remember: Bin it, don’t block it

Bin it - don't block it

'Bin it - don't block it' is our campaign to educate people about 'sewer abuse' - which is putting anything other than human waste or toilet tissue down drains. Blocking your drains can create fatbergs:

Find out more about fatbergs

Sewer flooding

By looking after your pipes you can prevent possible sewer flooding at your property.

If you have been flooded, find out who you need to contact:

Sewer flooding: who to contact

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