Your metered bill

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Your metered bill will be based on how much water you use, which then becomes the wastewater we take away, plus a fixed charge which covers costs like billing and handling enquiries. The average household bill is £1.02* per day.

 *based on 2017/18 charges.

Your online account

By registering for an online account you can view your water use, register for paperless billing and set up a direct debit. For more information visit our online account page. 

Two year adjustment period

Once we have fitted your smart meter you won’t be moved onto a metered account for two years. During this time you can view your water usage online. We’ll also send you a comparison letters to help you understand your current water charges with what your bill might be, based on your meter readings.

If you find your metered bill is likely to be lower, you can switch early. If you choose to switch within the first year, we’ll credit your account with any money you would have saved if you’d switched immediately. For example, if at six months you find your metered bill would have been £150 and your current bill is £200, we’ll credit your account with £50.*

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