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Internal sewer flooding plan

Our current performance against our targets

To improve the performance of our sewers, we are focused on reducing blockages. By the end of the AMP we will have removed 6,500 interceptors and installed an additional 10,000 sewer depth monitors over the AMP bringing our total to 18,500.

Even though we expect to improve our performance for 2022-23, we still anticipate that we will miss our performance commitment target. 

Our final performance information for 2022/23 has been published in our annual performance report

A Thames worker with a pipe

What is driving our underperformance

Our 2021-22 performance was impacted by the July 2021 London flooding events (assessed independently as a 1 in 200-year weather event) without this our 2021-22 penalty for missing our target would have been £20 million lower.

Underlying performance in 2022-23 has been noticeably better.

How we plan to improve our performance by the end of the AMP

By the end of 2022-23 we will deliver 34km of proactive sewer rehabilitation and 15,000km proactive sewer maintenance by the end of AMP 7.

We will roll out a new customer education campaign alongside the bin it don’t block it campaign encouraging customers to prevent blockages by only putting the three P’s down the loo (pee, poo and paper)