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Per capita consumption plan

Our current performance against our targets

In 2021-22, our three-year rolling average PCC performance was 147.5 litres per person per day (against a target of 142.6). 

Our 2022-23 target is challenging, and we forecast that we will miss it.

Our final performance information for 2022/23 has been published in ourannual performance report.

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What is driving our underperformance

Both Covid-19 which caused changes in demand across our region, and last year’s drought have increased demand beyond what was predicted in our WRMP19. Due to this, our prior Covid-19 PCC values need to be used with caution when applied as performance markers.

Ofwat has already recognised this issue and, during 2021, changed the PCC performance commitment assessment timings from in year to end of AMP.

How we plan to improve our performance by the end of the AMP

Before and during summer we will increase our water saving message across our channels to help customers know how to save water.

From 1 April 2023, we are making environmental incentive discounts more accessible to developers that include water efficiency elements in their designs. Full details can be found in charging arrangements for new connection services.

We plan to install more than 600,000 smart meters in households which will fast-track demand reduction benefits in AMP7, particularly in the Thames Valley where the supply demand balance is tighter than anticipated.

Our recently established partnership with the University of Southampton to share smart metering data will build new insights into how consumption behaviour is influenced.