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CRI (Water Quality Compliance) plan

Our current performance against our targets

This is a calendar year performance commitment. In 2021, our performance was significantly impacted by two single coliform detections. Our 2022 target has been missed as we have had four major events.

These failures had no impact on public health.

Our final performance information for 2022/23 has been published in our annual performance report.

A Thames worker tests water quality in a lab

What is driving our underperformance

Our performance is significantly impacted by single coliform detection failures at large process plants in London as the CRI score is disproportionately influenced by failures at sites that have large volumes of water.

How we plan to improve our performance by the end of the AMP

We have created our Public Health Transformation plan, which will help drive CRI performance and wider water quality improvements.

In 2023-24, we will roll out ‘fix it’ plans identifying & addressing water quality risks across six sites (Fobney, Netley, Kempton, Coppermills, Ashford & Hampton).

By the end of the AMP, we will have completed tank repairs at Coppermills, addressing all source of ingress into the tanks.

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