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Upgrading Chilton Foliat STW

The River Kennet is one of England’s most important chalk streams and home to an array of rare plants and animals unique to the area.

To stop discharges into this environment, we're investing £xx to upgrade the sewage treatment works in the Hungerford area.

Series of photographs of excavating works in the Chilton Foliat sewage treatment works

Pipe plough units and aerial view of setup - Courtesy of MMP and A. Thomas Plant Hire Ltd (ATP)

We'll be using innovative new pipe lining techniques, called ‘Pipe Ploughing’. Pipe ploughing is a much more efficient way of working and installing pipes. It reduces carbon and eliminates environmental risks.

It’ll also increase the efficiency of upgrading the network, by allowing simultaneous installation of pipework, pipe bedding and marker tape without needing open excavations. 

How the upgrade will help

  • Less disruption and no holes in local roads
  • Healthier, cleaner rivers for all to enjoy
  • Protected chalk streams