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Feast Box

Let life flow with Feast Box

Feast Box deliver carefully curated recipe boxes to make it easy to create your own delicious feasts at home.

They’ve joined our mission to spread the bin it – don’t block it message and help you keep life flowing. So whatever recipe you’re cooking up, remember your used fats and oils belong in the bin, not down the sink.

Two women in a kitchen one has a plate of food and the other a tablet computer. There is a Feast Box and ingredients on the table.

A recipe for (clean-up) success

When you’ve been cooking up a family feast, it can be tempting to just tip your oil or melted fat down the sink. But nothing ruins a good meal like a blocked pipe or a bad-smelling sink. Luckily there’s an easy recipe for proper kitchen clean-up.


  • The leftover fat, oil or grease from your meals
  • A disposable container – a pickle jar, yoghurt pot, tin can or milk carton will do


1. Let the fat, oil or grease cool down

2. If the fat is still liquid, pour it into your disposable container. If the fat is now solid, simply scrape it into the bin or wipe off with kitchen roll (then bin that!)

3. Once your container’s full, throw it away or empty it out ready to use again

4. Relax – that’s all you need do to keep life flowing

You’ll find more tips on how to let life flow on our bin it – don’t block it page.

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