You can be water smart

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Why the water you save matters

As most of our water use occurs in our homes, it’s the ideal place to start thinking about being water smart. Most of our customers tell us that when it comes to saving water, they think that turning off taps when they brush their teeth or when they’re washing dishes is what matters most. It is important, with 23% of our water use coming from washing dishes and using taps. But the biggest water use at home comes from showers, baths and toilets.

Reducing how much water you use, can save you money on water and energy bills and it doesn’t have to affect your daily routine. Simple changes can make a huge difference.

Water savings doughnut chart. Showers and baths: 31%, Flushing the toilet: 23%, Washing dishes: 12%, Taps: 11%, Other: 9%, Washing clothes: 8% Outside use: 4%, Drinking: 2%.

Top 3 ways to save water

1. Take shorter showers – we recommend four minutes.

On average, a shower uses 10 litres (that’s 17-18 pints) of water a minute. If a family of four reduced their shower time by just one minute, they could save £45 on metered water bills, up to £52 on energy bills and as much as 11,648 litres of water a year. Take the four minute shower challenge with our free shower timer.

2. Fix leaks and drips.

A single leaky loo can waste up to 400 litres of water a day – the equivalent of five full bathtubs – costing up to £300 a year for metered customers. Watch our video to see if you have a leaky loo and find out how to get it fixed.

A dripping tap can also waste more than 60 litres of water a week. That’s the same as 39 bath tubs or water a year. If you have a leak or a dripping tap in your home, we’ve a list of approved plumbers who can help you repair it.

To help protect yourself from leaky pipes in the future, why not take a look at HomeServe? We’ve teamed up with them so our customers can get a great deal on plumbing and drainage cover. Find out more.

3. Order free water saving devices.

Our free devices can help you save water, energy and money. You can lower your energy bills because using less hot water means you’re using less energy to heat it. As well as this, if you’re home is metered you could save on your water bills too. We’ve a huge range of freebies and gadgets, from showerheads, to save-a-flush devices and inserts for your taps. They’re really simple and easy to fit, plus they’re completely free. Order yours and start saving today.

The benefits of a water meter

There are lots of benefits when you have a water meter. But what’s really great about them is they put you in control of your bill and make it much easier for you to save. 

Meters help you to see how much water you’re using throughout the year and by taking regular readings, you can see how well you’re saving. Find out more about getting a meter fitted and how to request yours online.

If you’re still not convinced, why not take a look at our water and energy calculator to see if having a water meter could save you water, energy and money.