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Next steps

Once you've laid the water mains and associated fittings, the date the approved connection takes place is the date that we adopt the main – this is known as ‘vesting’.

If you make the gap connection (under the ‘routine in-line connection’ process set out in Figure 7 of the Code of Practice) we can only issue a vesting certificate and partial asset payment information once you’ve told us in writing that you’ve connected the main. When doing so, please email us, copying in your account co-ordinator.

We’ll then send the vesting certificate to the email address you’ve specified within the next seven calendar days. We’ll also include the information for the partial asset payment claim, and the ‘as constructed’ drawing you provided for the connection.

The date we send you this will also trigger the start of the 12-month defect liability period.

If we make the gap connection, you don’t need to go through the notification process.

Defects liability period

The defect liability period applies for 12 months from the date of connection of water mains, communication pipes and any associated equipment.

We ask you to arrange an inspection with us two months before the end of the period, so that we can note any defects and agree who is responsible for correcting them and by when.

It's important that this is done jointly and within the defect period. If corrective work is required and you can’t do it yourself, we'll do it and invoice you.