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Source of water connections

Source of water connections are non-contestable – however, we see the benefit in self-lay providers carrying out some of this work and are now able to open up this work stream. This activity is subject to some restrictions, as follows:

  • Works can proceed if the parent main is ductile iron or polyethylene up to 250mm, or cast iron up to 8 inches.
  • The under-pressure tee needs to conform to relevant British standards and be a WRAS-approved material.
  • The works cannot proceed if the parent main is asbestos cement, GRP, PVC or MoPVC.

Other restrictions may apply if more than 200 properties, or a hospital or similar ‘risk industries’, would be affected by isolating the main in the event of an unplanned incident.

Lloyd’s Register have made Construction Routine Under Pressure mains Connection (CRUPC) available to self-lay providers in England and Wales. Please contact them to start your accreditation checks if you wish to proceed with this work.

Apply for a source of water

Arranging traffic management

If we're carrying out the source of water connection for you, we’ll have the necessary conversations with the highway authorities to determine whether traffic management is required. This might include discussions about the need to work outside busy traffic hours, for example by confining our activities to weekends or school holidays.

We produce traffic management drawings when required, and typically send them to highway authorities at least a week before the planning of our works. If they reject our application, we work with them to resolve any issues, get their permission and agree a date for the work.

When major projects require more complex traffic management – for instance, by disrupting a bus route – the principles are the same, but it can take up to 12 weeks to get permission.

In extreme cases, where the traffic management is more complicated, we’ll discuss the requirements with you at an early stage.