Services for customers who are deaf or hard of hearing

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Please let us know if you are deaf or hard of hearing, and what your preferred method of keeping in touch is.

We offer a 24-hour Minicom/Textphone and Text Relay service for deaf and hard of hearing customers, who have a Minicom/Textphone at home or use the Text Relay service.

Minicom/Textphone, Text Relay and fax numbers are as follows:

Your bill and account

Text Relay     18001 0800 980 8800
Textphone      0800 316 6899
Fax                01793 424046

Water and wastewater services

Text Relay     18001 0800 980 8800
Textphone      0800 316 9898
Fax                0118 373 7924
Emergency SMS messaging service       07747 646779

(Please include in the text your name, address and query.  We will not answer calls on this number, but will pick up texts and respond by text only).

Email us

You can get in touch by sending us an email at 
If you use sign language and we need to visit you, we can arrange for a sign language interpreter to accompany us at no extra cost.

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