Taking responsibility

Last reviewed:

All eligible pumping stations became our responsibility on 1 October 2016 but what does this mean?

Visiting the station

On our first visit to the station, we will carry out a survey so we can learn more about it and also service it. We will secure the station- we will lock the manhole cover and any kiosk or control panel so you will no longer be able to access the equipment yourself.
If the station is within your property and we haven’t already spoken to you, we will come to an agreement with you as to how we can access the station. 

Maintaining the station

We’ll regularly service and maintain the station, and if something does go wrong we’ll repair it. We’ll also cover the running and maintenance costs, including the electricity supply. We ask that you don’t try to gain access, complete any maintenance or make any changes to the stations. You will no longer need a servicing contract either.

In an emergency

If you experience any problems with the station, our team will be here to help 24 hours a day:

  • Call our emergency help line on 0800 009 3979
  • Don’t try to fix it yourself or call anyone else to help- the station is our responsibility and so we will need to carry out any work or repairs.