How to prepare and protect your home this winter

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During the cold weather, burst water pipes are a common occurrence. Follow our easy steps to protect your home from the freezing temperatures this winter.

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Tips and advice

  • Protect your water pipes with insulation (lagging). Especially those on external walls, in lofts and unheated rooms
  • Check your loft insulation is thick and in good condition. If you can, run it over the pipework. You can also leave your loft hatch open when it’s cold to help warm air circulate
  • Keep your home warm
  • Leave your heating on low when you are away
  • If you’re going away, consider turning off your inside stop tap and draining the system so there is no water in the pipes to freeze.

Be prepared

  • Make sure you have access to sandbags and waterproof sheeting to keep water out
  • Check your home insurance covers your internal pipework as well as flood damage
  • Store your documents in a safe and accessible place
  • Know how to turn off your gas, electricity and water supplies
  • Encourage everybody in your household to know where the stop tap is and make sure you have the details of a good plumber handy as well
  • Register to hear flood warnings from the Environment Agency:

Environment Agency website

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