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Toasty tips for saving water this autumn

As we’re moving into wetter months, now is the perfect time to refill empty water butts and let your dry lawns recover. You can collect up to 5,000 litres of rain a year with a water butt – that’s enough to fill 500 watering cans.

Plus, customers with a smart meter can view their hourly water use online to see the water they are saving. Smart meter customers typically use around 13% less water a year!

We’re here to help you save on both your energy and water bills, it’s the small changes that make the biggest impact. 

Take a look at how you can make a difference this autumn and save water.

Two boys under an umbrella in the rain

A lady turning on a shower

Take shorter showers

Showers, use on average, 10 litres of water every minute. Shortening your showers by two minutes can save £73 per person on water and energy bills a year.

A person cooking vegetables in a pot

Cook with steam

Steaming your vegetables instead of boiling uses less water, and it's quicker too. Plus, it helps to retain nutrients that can be lost in boiling water.

An image of an internal smart meter

Spot leaks to save water

Smart meter customers can log into their online account to check for leaks. A leak of 10 litres per hour can add £100 to your yearly bill.

A father and child loading the washing machine

Wash at 30 degrees

Reducing the temperature you wash your clothes at from 40 to 30 degrees, can save you £43 on your water and energy bills a year.

An elderly man watering some plants with a watering can

Use a watering can

By using a watering can, you’ll use less water than a hosepipe. Hosepipes use up to 1,000 litres of water an hour – that’s more than 12 baths.

A pipe on a wall being covered with lagging

Beat the freeze

Get ahead of the cold weather and insulate any pipes or taps exposed to the cold to stop them from freezing and bursting causing leaks.

Save water all year round

Take a look how you can save water in your home all year round with our water saving tips.

Check how much you use

See how much water and energy you use with our easy-to-use water saving calculator.