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You can tell us all about your move into our supply area by completing our online form:

Tell us you're moving

If you are not sure whether your new home is within our region, you can check by using our supply area postcode search.

When setting up your account with us, you will need to provide:

  • Your new address
  • The date you moved in
  • The meter reading of the new property (if the property is metered)
  • Your contact details
  • The names you want to appear on the account

When telling us about your move online, you can choose to add additional names to your account. You may wish to do this if more than one person is likely to contact us about the account, as under the Data Protection Act, we can only discuss or change account details with named account holders or an authorised representative.

Your online account

As part of your move, we'll set up access so you can manage your account online.

We'll email you a few days after your move to let you know this is ready, and ask you to set your login details.

With an online account, you'll be able to go paperless, view your bills, payment and transaction history,manage your details, and more through the website.

If you'd rather not set up an online account, just ignore the email. You can always set it up yourself later at

Metered properties

If your new property has a water meter, you should receive your first bill within six months of moving in.

We will aim to read your meter at least once a year and will send you a bill every six months.

If you set up a monthly payment plan, we will send you a statement within six working days confirming the arrangement you have made with us.

Your monthly payment plan will be estimated on the number of people living at your property and the amount of water we expect you to use.

Unmetered properties

If your new property does not have a water meter, we will send you your first bill within six working days which will be calculated from the date you moved in and will run up to the 31 March the following year.

Unmetered bills are sent out every February/March and show the charges for the next year (1 April to 31 March).

Making things easy

Once you have opened your new account with us, why not set up a direct debit to make your monthly payments to us without having to lift a hand?

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