Request a water meter

Please use this form to request to have a water meter fitted at a residential property. If you're not sure if you already have a meter, you can check by looking at your bill.

Only complete this form if you are the bill payer or have a tenancy of 6 months or more. Before applying, please read our frequently asked questions.

To complete this form you will need to provide your:

  • Thames Water account number (printed at the top of your bill)
  • Full name, contact number, email address and account address


Order Meter

Your Thames Water account number

Your Name

Your contact details

Please provide your telephone number including area code and a valid email address.

Your account address

Please provide your Thames Water account address.

Additional information about your household

In the event we find we can't fit a meter, we may be able to look at alternative charging if it is more beneficial to you. Therefore, please complete the following about your household.
Please ensure you have read and understood our frequently asked questions.



Before submitting this form, please confirm your details are correct by reviewing the information below.