The benefits of having a meter

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Water meters are the fairest way to pay, as you only pay for the water you actually use, giving you control over your bills.

They are vital in helping to secure future water supplies as they encourage people to use less water and help us to find leaks and fix them faster.

How does a meter give me control over my bill?

Meters are based on what you use, just like gas and electric, instead of your current tariff which is based on the rateable value of your home. People with meters tend to use 12% less water on average, which will help to conserve this precious resource.

Helping you to reduce your bills

A family of four that fits our free showerhead, shower timer, tap inserts and save-a-flush could save up to £180 on annual metered water and energy bills. You can order your freebies and start saving today.

To find out how much your annual metered bill could be, view our charges table.

Why should I save water?

Water resources in the south-east are seriously stretched. On average, we each use almost a third more water than we did 30 years ago. Our forecasts show that if we do nothing and continue as we are, by 2020 there will be a shortfall in the amount of water available of 133 million litres per day, the equivalent to 53 Olympic swimming pools.

Demand for water in London already exceeds available supplies, we need to start using less now to ensure there is enough to go round.

Using less water also means reducing your energy bill as 21% of your energy bill is from heating water.

What are Thames Water doing to save water?

Installing water meters is at the heart of our plan to reduce demand. But we’re also:

Reducing leakage: This is down by a third since its peak in 2004. A meter will indicate if there is a leak on your supply pipe, as water will flow continuously through the meter. We will repair this free of charge and adjust bills where necessary.

Helping customers use water wisely: We’re providing free water-saving devices.

Providing back-up supplies: Our desalination plant treats water from the Thames during very dry weather.

Building additional resources: From 2025 a new source of water will be required. Options are under review.

I'd like a meter

If you're a domestic customer we can install a meter at your home for free. You can request a water meter online using the link below.

Request a water meter

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