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On this page you can download a summary version of our five-year plan, as well as a detailed public version of our plan.

An independent 'reporter' was appointed to verify that the information we provided to Ofwat was accurate. A public version of their report is also available.

The information contained within our final business plan reflects our company position at the time we submitted it to Ofwat.

Our position on many of these issues has since moved on, partly as a result of Ofwat's final decision on our proposals, partly due to our progress so far in making the improvements that we agreed with Ofwat, and partly reflecting the changing environment we work in.

Please follow the links below to view a summary of our key planned investments from 2010 to 2015, and learn more about the benefits that our investment plans will bring to locations across our region.

Our investment programme from 2010 to 2015

Our current position on specific work areas can be found throughout our website, including details about the Thames Tideway Tunnel - one of our biggest engineering projects - and our Water Resources Management Plan.

If you have any queries relating to our final business plan, please contact us.

Download a summary of our final plan

Our executive summary gives an overview of our investment proposals for the period 2010 to 2015.

Download our final plan

Our final plan shows the public version of our submission to Ofwat.

Any confidential information contained within these documents has been removed in line with Ofwat's guidance.

Part A: The company strategy

Section B2 - Improving efficiency

Section B4 - Quality enhancements

Section B5 - Maintaining the supply / demand balance

Section B7 - Financial projections

Section B8 - Revenue projections

Section B9 - Overlap programme

Section B10 - Large projects

Section B11 - Capital expenditure incentive scheme

Section C1 - Consumers' views

Section C2 - Improving efficiency supporting information

Section C3 - Asset inventory

Section C4 - Supply / demand appraisal

Section C5 - Proposed work programmes and expenditure projections

Section C6 - Sewer flooding

Section C7 - Tariffs and revenue forecasts

Section C8 - Justification for proposed investment

Section C9 - Financial modelling dataset

Reporter's reports

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