Future challenges

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There are a number of challenges which will be significant in shaping our next plan.

A growing economy and more people

There is significant economic and population growth planned in London and the south east region.

The Greater London Authority predict that by 2050, population growth in London will exceed 3 million, putting London’s population over 11 million.

Diminishing resources

Climate change will bring drier summers and wetter winters providing less resource when we need it.

Also, changing environmental regulations could reduce the amount of available resources for public water supply.


We need to ensure we have a resilient water supply. Water restrictions have the potential for severe economic, societal, and environmental impacts.

In the past, we have drawn up plans based on droughts which have already happened, using the most serious drought from the historic records as the basis for planning. However, climate change will bring different conditions, such as multi-year droughts, we intend to use tools which will allow us to plan for a wider range of potential drought situations.