Assessment of environmental and social impact

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An important aspect in developing our Water Resources Management Plan is the assessment of environmental and social impacts. Strategic Environmental Assessment is the core of the assessment approach, supported by the Habitats Regulations Assessment and Water Framework Directive.

We have published the environmental assessments undertaken to support our draft WRMP19 as follows:

Draft WRMP19 – Techncial Report Section 9

Draft WRMP 19 Appendix B – Strategic Environmental Assessment – Environment Report

Draft WRMP 19 Appendix C – Habitats Regualtion Assessment

Draft WRMP 19 Appendix BB – Water Framework Directive Assessment

Go to www.thameswater/yourwaterfuture to read these assessments.

Consultation on the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Scoping Report

Consultation on the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Scoping Report

We undertook a consultation on the SEA scoping report for 7 weeks from 26 July to 7 September 2016.

We reviewed all the comments received and published a report setting out our response to the comments and how the approach has changed in response to the comments.

The SEA Scoping report and supporting documents, and our response to the comments raised in the consultation are available to download:

SEA Scoping Report:

SEA Scoping Report

SEA Scoping Report Statement of Response to Consultee Comments


Appendices A, B and C (0.93Mb)

Appendix B Figs B1 to B12 (10.23Mb)

Appendix B Figs B13 to B24 (11.62Mb)

Appendix B Figs B25 to B36 (8.83Mb)

Appendix B Figs B37 to B48 (8.82Mb)

SEA Scoping Report Consultation Questions (0.09Mb)