Thames Water reports

Last reviewed:

In this section we have published technical reports and documents which have been produced to inform our Water Resources Management Plan 2019.

Resource options

Feasibility reports:

We have published Executive Summaries of the resource option feasibility reports. We have also published redacted version of the full technical reports. These have been redacted to comply with national security requirements. The full technical reports (unredacted) are available to read by appointment. If you would like to make an appointment please contact Lesley Tait by email.

Atkins has provided information to GARD in relation to the stochastic analysis of the Severn Thames transfer. If you would like to receive the files please contact Lesley Tait 

Archived reports:

Thames Water’s Trading & Procurement Code

It sets out the policies, principles and requirements that will apply when appointed water companies and third parties trade with Thames Water.

The Code has been approved by Ofwat after a lengthy public consultation process.

Anyone interested in trading with Thames Water should consult this Code and contact us for more details.