Graduate profile - Catherine Smith

Why did you choose to join Thames Water?

I have always wanted to work for the water industry as it is an essential part of everyone’s life. Thames Water is the largest water company in the UK and covers London making it a challenging yet very interesting region to supply.

What happens on the graduate programme and why was the programme the right choice for you?

The graduate programme offers a great opportunity to enter such diverse company. Although you work within one department within the graduate scheme the foundation programme provides you to experience all other departments within Thames Water which lets you truly understand the bigger picture.

How would you describe the training and mentoring you received so far?

The training is first class and personal development is really encouraged in Thames Water.

What different roles have you had and what exciting projects have you been involved in?

From day one I was trained into my first management role for which I was responsible for 5 people; it was a great experience and learned so much about Thames Water, people management and my own ability. After 4 months I stepped up into a planning manager role which although challenging due to its technicality; has been fantastic and I am really enjoying it. A new project will be commencing involving planning & scheduling which I will be involved in, so very exciting times ahead.

What’s been the best part so far?

The support network offered by my line manager and peers; Thames Water is such a friendly company to work for.

What do you believe are the key skills you need to do your role?

Communication skills , I.T literate particularly Excel, organised, people skills, driven, enthusiastic, ability to learn quickly, presentation skills.

One thing you would tell yourself now if you were just starting as a grad?

Ensure you take advantage of all the opportunities the graduate scheme offers.