Graduate profile - Jyoti Pancholi

Degree studied:

Business with a year in Industry.

What happens on the graduate programme?

I am on the finance graduate scheme so mine is slightly different to the leadership graduate scheme. I have three placements over three years (one year in each), two of which must help develop my core financial skills and one can be supplementary allowing me to develop in other skills. Alongside my work I am studying to complete an accountancy qualification.

Describe a day in your shoes:

Currently in my audit and assurance placement my days vary depending on projects. There are three stages to audits (planning, fieldwork and reporting). If I am in the planning stage my day would involve booking meetings and meeting with people in the business area I am auditing to gain an understanding of the area, followed by producing a terms of reference to decide the scope of the audit I will be carrying out.

How would you describe the training and mentoring you have received so far?

People here are so supportive, I find I am really given a lot of guidance to help me progress my career and feel I am able to approach senior members of Thames Water quite easily.

What do you believe are the key skills you need to do be part of the programme:

Passion, enthusiasm, drive and motivation to get up and go! I think it’s also important to be positive and to be proactive even with tasks you may not necessarily want to do, as you will always learn something whether you see it or not.

One thing you would tell yourself now if you were just starting the programme:

Show your personality and don’t be afraid to talk to senior members at Thames Water as they can offer some great advice.