Graduate profile - Luke Matcham

Degree studied:

BA History, MA Medieval History

Interesting fact about you:

I ran the Reading half marathon dressed as a camel trainer alongside Humphrey the WaterAid camel this year.

Why did you choose to join Thames Water?

I wasn’t sure where I wanted to work after leaving university and the Thames Water graduate scheme offered a general leadership opportunity which really appealed to me. When I looked into the company further I realised that there is a lot more to a water company than you might initially think!

What happened on the graduate programme and why was the programme the right choice for you?

The graduate scheme is a great introduction to working in a large company as you get a mix of business as usual work, as well as opportunities to visit our sites, network with your peer group and get involved in extra activities, such as fundraising and problem solving for WaterAid. The scheme was the right move for me because it enabled me to develop the project management skills which helped me to land my current permanent position. When I started working in retail I worked in the water efficiency team and I have just started a permanent position as a project manager in Wastewater transformation and change.

How would you describe the training and mentoring you received?

There’s lots of opportunities to get relevant training in both technical skill based courses, and personal development modules such as the management development programme. I was also lucky enough to get a really supportive mentor who offered a different view to my usual work environment and helped me develop and own my career plan.

What do you believe are the key skills you need to do your role?

Dedication, drive and resilience.

What are your career highlights so far?

Developing and successfully piloting a water saving reward scheme and getting to travel to Scotland to work with Castle Water.

What is one thing you would tell yourself now if you were just starting as a graduate?

I wouldn’t tell myself anything different, because I think learning from both the good and challenging points throughout the scheme is what helps you to develop.