Graduate profile - Mubeen Mehmood

Interesting fact about you:

I was an ambassador for Wimbledon Tennis Club during my time at high school promoting Tennis across the London borough of Merton.

Area of the business you are based in:

Technology & Transformation Alliance (TTA).

What happened on the graduate programme and why was the programme the right choice for you?

A lot has happened since I started, from helping employees around the business understand how the TTA works to help in large projects. The programme was right for me because it allows me to choose the direction of my career with the help and support of the talented people around me.

What different roles have you had and what exciting projects have you been involved in (General overview)?

I am currently the Business Relationship Manager (BRM) for Wholesale Water. For a period of time I was the only BRM for Wholesale Water, making me the go to person for anything IT related. An exciting project I am currently involved in is rolling out a CRM solution for our non-household market team. There have been many challenges but through persistence and hard work me and my team are making it happen.

What are your career highlights so far?

Highlight of my career is so far is being accountable for all IT related enquiries for Wholesale Water. Taking ownership of this and delivering results was challenging and rewarding.

What is one thing you would tell yourself now if you were just starting as a graduate?

Don’t hold back, just get started and get going!