A clearer look for water quality

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A clearer look for water quality

A refreshing new look to determine a postcode’s water quality has transformed the way Thames Water customers can inspect what is flowing from their taps.

The eye-catching redesign of the Water Quality Reports is customer orientated – with a view to making data clearer and easier to understand, and includes 20,000 postcodes not previously available.

Customers simply enter their postcode on to the Thames Water website, which brings up a simple yet in depth report on the water quality in their region. Previously, the reports were mostly a mass of complicated numbers which were difficult for the customer to decipher.

Paul Robinson, sample programme manager in water quality, spearheaded the project and said: “With this new redesign, we hope our customers will find it easier than ever to establish the quality of water in a specific area, without having to resort to calling the customer centre, creating unwanted additional calls.”

Rajan Verma, who led the rewrite, added: “We’re constantly looking to improve our customers’ experience, and believe we have achieved this with the new features.”

The revamp took around two years for the team to complete and now includes detailed glossary to address frequently asked questions from customers, a commentary section explaining any problematic areas, notes providing general information, plus a guide on how to use the report.

To see the new reports, or what the water quality is in your area, visit http://bit.ly/2u5SfyH