Daughter's charity challenge in tribute to dad

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Charity challenge in tribute to dad

A daughter will tackle a charity challenge to raise funds and awareness for a sepsis charity after her dad died 48 hours after being diagnosed with the infection.

Claire McKay, and two of her friends, Karen Brookes and Zoe Spurgeon, pictured above, all work for Thames Water and are based at Walnut Court and are set to take on the Cotswold Way Challenge after her dad, Steve McKay, 64, died in June 2016. 

The death of Steve hit the family hard due to its sudden nature, after he went into hospital early on a Friday morning, and died late in the afternoon the following day.

He left behind his wife, Dee, two daughters, a step-daughter and one grandson.

Now, a year on from his death, Claire and her two friends will take on the course, a gruelling 50 km walk across the Cotswold countryside, in tribute to her dad, and to raise funds and awareness for UK Sepsis Trust, a charity which helps offer support and advice to families

Recalling the events prior to her dad’s death, she said: “He hadn’t been very well, but nothing that looked like he was going to be really ill.

“My step-mother took him to hospital in the early hours of Friday morning, and he had passed away by Saturday night.

Steve and Claire McKay

“It was so sudden, and it was such a shock. We literally went into A&E, were told he only had two hours to live unless they sedated him but he might not wake up, to be then told he couldn’t wake up and he only had two hours left.

“He went so quick, we couldn’t really comprehend it. It was like it was happening to someone else.”

Sepsis is a blood infection that arises when the chemicals in the immune system release into the bloodstream to fight an infection and cause inflammation throughout the body. Annually, around 44,000 people die from Sepsis.

It’s still not known what caused the infection in Steve, and paying tribute to her beloved father, Claire said he had been a strong influence on her life.

She said: “My dad was quite a private person, he really liked his own company, listening to music, reading books and he was absolutely football mad – he would watch any match.

“He was a great dad and granddad, he was the person I’d go to for advice and if I had any questions or challenges at work.

“He’s hugely missed by everyone who knew him.”

Claire, Zoe and Karen will complete the challenge on July 1 and at the time of writing, had raised almost £3,000 for UK Sepsis Trust.

Claire added: “We all thought because we are now 40, we wanted to do something that was tough and a challenge to raise some funds for the charity.”

If you’d like to donate to the trio’s fundraising, visit https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/40andknackered