Donning Humphrey's humps in fundraising London Marathon quest

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London Marathon

Running the London Marathon is hard enough, but running it as one half of a camel is considerably more difficult.

Just ask Jack Brown, 24, and Matt Leydon, 37, who will be donning the famous costume for the iconic race on April 23.

The duo are part of a team of eight runners from Thames Water who will be lacing up their running shoes and pounding out the miles in the event, to raise funds for WaterAid.

Luke Matcham, Natalie Edwards, Anna Hodson, Gary Holton, Alex Holt and Ian Ware, who are all Thames Water employees but are based at different sites, make up the squad.

The team hope to raise more than £12,000 for the charity, and as well as collecting sponsorship for the race, have also been hosting a variety of fundraising events, including running the Reading Half Marathon in March, for training and fundraising.

Luke Matcham, who is organising the team, said: “Training is going pretty well. I’ve only ran one marathon before, in Edinburgh, and I know for a few of the team this will be the first marathon they will have taken part in.

“I think there’s some mixed emotions ahead of the race, both nervousness and excitement.

“We all seem really excited, but a few of us have picked up some injuries in training, but we should all be okay to go ahead.”

Thames Water has been supporting WaterAid, which aims to provide everyone in the world with safe access to water and sanitation, for more than 35 years, and has so far raised more than £35 million for the charity.

The funds raised from the marathon will be donated to the Thames loves Malawi initiative, which aims to raise £2 million over four years to improve sanitation, provide safe water and educate people in two of the country’s biggest towns.

During the London marathon, Jack and Matt will alternate who is the front and back of the camel at water breaks,

Jack said: “Training is going well, although I did have a bit of a problem when I strained a muscle in my ankle, and I was unable to run for a few weeks but I’m fully recovered now, and have been back out training.

“I’m really looking forward to it, to the marathon and actually running in the costume.

“We ran the Reading Half Marathon in the costume, so I’m pretty confident that we will be able to finish in a reasonable time.”

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