Kilimanjaro challenge

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Kilimanjaro challenge

A team of dedicated Thames Water fundraisers have scaled one of the most iconic mountains in the world to raise funds for WaterAid.


The four-some travelled to Tanzania to scale Kilimanjaro in an eight-day hike last week after undergoing a gruelling training regime to prepare for the challenge.


Thierry Droulez, strategic field services manager, Akshat Sharma, system optimisation manager, Guy Punter, leakage optimisation engineer and former Thames Water employee Richard Dow, are aiming to raise a minimum of £2,500 for the charity.


Thierry Droulez, who helped organise the trip, said everyone was excited for the challenge for a great cause. He said: “The team is feeling good even though we’re all at different fitness levels.

“It will be challenging for all of us, from sleeping in the cold to not be able to shower for eight days or not having perfectly clean toilets, but we’re really excited and hope we can raise as much money as possible.”


During the training, the team completed various hikes and walks, including multiple trips to the Snowdonia, the Lake District and Box Hill in Surrey.


As part of the training trips, they completed walks of between 10 and 15 miles in various weather conditions to try and prepare for what they’ll face on the mountain, plus core exercises at the gym.


After they return from the summit, the group will also visit the rest of the country to meet its people and go on a safari trip to meet its wildlife.


For more information on the challenge, or to donate to their cause click here