Lanes reaches millionth job milestone

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Lanes reaches millionth job milestone

Thames Water has congratulated wastewater engineers from Lanes Group after completing one million jobs for the company.

The ‘Bin it – don’t block it’ pioneers totted up the total in a little over four and a half years, working with Thames Water to keep its 68,000-mile network of drains and sewers flowing free of fatbergs.

The millionth job was a drainage survey in Wallington, south London by engineers Aaron Clarke and Luigi Coulter.

Steve Spencer, head of Thames Water’s customer field services, said: “This is a great milestone for Thames Water and for Lanes, and demonstrates the great relationship the two companies have had over many years.

“We send our congratulations to the team that’s had the honour of tackling the millionth job, and know they will have delivered the same great service to our customers that Lanes and Thames Water strive for every day.”

Andy Brierley, director of Lanes Group’s Thames Water wastewater maintenance contract, added: “By completing one million jobs, we will have helped many millions more customers, as each incident we’re called to often impacts on multiple homes and businesses.

“We support 100% Thames Water’s ‘Bin it – don’t block it’ campaign against putting fats, oils, wipes and sanitary products down drains. The frightening number of blockages we deal with daily are the result of this behaviour.”