New sewer in the pipeline for West Berkshire village

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East Garston Pipes

Thames Water has begun work in East Garston to replace a pressurised sewer pipe which burst last week to reduce the risk of further problems, protect properties and reassure residents.

Following damage to five properties in Humphries Lane, Thames Water committed to investigate a long term solution to stop further flooding and set its engineers to work looking at practical options which could be implemented quickly. It was agreed a 150m stretch of pipe running behind the affected homes could be replaced by sliding a brand new sewer pipe inside the existing one, and work to plan the job and set up the area is currently in progress.

The main work to put the new pipe in place is due to start shortly and is expected to be completed by the end of this week. Following that, additional work will be needed to fill in holes and repair damage to the ground caused when the pipe burst.

Thames Water area sewers manager, George Day, said: “What happened to the residents was dreadful and not something they should spend their lives worrying will happen again. It’s down to us to make sure we reduce the risk of further problems for them so replacing the old pipe was the right thing to do. Rather than take out the old one, which would involve digging large and deep trenches, we’re using special technology to slide the new one inside it to keep disruption to a minimum. This method also means we’ll get the job done quicker.”

While Thames Water’s work is underway, tankers are being used to take away the wastewater which could normally be pumped through the pipe. Once the new pipe is in place and working, the tankers will no longer be needed.

Luke Bingham, Divisional Director at Sovereign, said: “Since the pipe burst last week, we’ve been assessing the extent of the damage and starting to plan the repairs to our homes. We’ll continue to support Thames Water as they undertake their important work too, so we can get these homes ready for our residents to move back to as soon as possible.”