'No surprises' from Thames Water Bill

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  • Thames Water average bill to stay around the same for next year, with majority of inflation (2.2%) increase absorbed.
  • Company committed to delivering more for less, and continues to invest £20 million every week improving service.
  • Full range of support options available for those customers struggling to pay.

Thames Water customers can expect to see little or no change in their bills for 2017/18, after annual prices were announced today.

The average bill across London and the Thames Valley for combined water and wastewater services remains the third cheapest in England and Wales at £374 – up less than 15p a month from last year. This new charge also accounts for inflation (2.2%), so is a slight drop in real terms.

Chief executive Steve Robertson said: “This will be welcome news for our customers, who will be relieved to know there will be no surprises in their bill for water and sewerage services over the next year. It’s fantastic we’re able to continue to invest £20 million a week improving service for around the same charge, which is already one of the cheapest in the country.

“However, we fully understand there are many customers struggling to pay and that’s why we have a whole range of different options available to help. All we ask is that those customers get in touch so we can work out the best way to support them.”

Today’s announcement means Thames Water bills have changed by less than the rate of inflation since 2015, on average. The company remains committed to delivering more for less from its ambitious infrastructure investment programme – with £1 billion spent improving service every year for the last 11 years.

Nationally, the average household water and sewerage bill in England and Wales for the coming financial year will be £395 – an increase of £6 (or 2%) compared with 2016/17. The full national table of water bills is available at the industry website www.discoverwater.co.uk/annual-bill