Plastic pirates clean-up London's docks

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Plastic pirates clear up London

Thames Water shipmates joined Canary Wharf College children armed with eye patches, bandanas and fishing nets to fish for plastic the day after the London Marathon.


'Plastic pirate' crews boarded boats in the famous London Docks in response to concerns about litter in the water, which is particularly problematic at this time of year as signets and other birds hatch.  


Politicians, community leaders and other businesses all helped with the clean-up from Docklands Sailing and Watersports Centre, with catch of the day being a vintage drinks cabinet.

Thames Water’s Stuart White said: “Litter in the docks is a major concern for our customers in this area, and so it was fantastic to be able to join other crews to do a proper clean-up of the water. The children were very competitive and did a great job."


Other finds on the event, which ran from midday for three hours, included a Minion ball, leek, plastic bottles, burger boxes, wine bottles, a teddy bear, polystyrene, cans and sweet wrappers.


Canary Wharf College parent Christine Armstrong, who came up with idea inspired by Plastic Whale in Amsterdam, said: “We're keen to get the community, corporates and kids involved in cleaning up our waterways. This is a fun way to do it - the kids and adults love it. 


"It was brilliant to have the team from Thames Water here today - we've also had people from Barclays, JP Morgan, Citibank, Go-Ahead Group, Canals and River Trust and interest from lots of others. We're now planning a summer of other activities."