Project to clean-up River Thames 'like a poo motorway'

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BBC children

BBC Newsround has produced a new video to help get children revved up about the Thames Tideway Tunnel ‘super sewer’ project.


Described as like a “poo motorway”, it explained how London’s increasing population has meant the current Victorian network operated and maintained by Thames Water struggles to cope with heavy rainfall.


It shows, with the help of emoji’s and fancy graphics, how the new tunnel will help keep the River Thames healthy for future generations.


Newsround said: “The Victorian sewer tunnels which carry waste water and sewage from your homes and schools are struggling to cope. When they were made, over 150 years ago, four million people lived in London. This has since doubled and so has the waste. When the system can't cope the extra waste runs straight into the River Thames... urrghhh!”


The new super sewer is being created to tackle the problem, it added, describing how the tunnel set to run under the city will transport the waste from homes to a sewage treatment works in Beckton, east London. Watch the video here.


Thames Water has also refreshed its information pages on the Thames Tideway Tunnel, which will prevent millions of tonnes of sewage entering the River Thames when complete by 2024. Explore the different sections here.