Sewer works planned for Hertford this school holidays

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A project to connect properties in Parliament Square, Hertford, to the main sewer network to stop pollution to the River Lea will begin on Saturday July 29.


Thames Water’s work is set to last around three weeks and will see engineers reconfigure the current sewer network in Parliament Square. During the project Parliament Square will be closed to traffic and diversion routes, agreed with Hertfordshire County Council, will be clearly signposted.


When the project is finished waste water from a number of commercial properties will flow through to the sewage treatment works instead of into the surface water drainage system, meant only for rainwater, as it currently does.


Following a large scale investigation Thames Water’s sewers specialists believe the properties were incorrectly connected to the surface drainage system by developers many years ago. Normally it’s the responsibility of property owners to rectify their misconnections, however as so many properties are wrongly connected, Thames Water has stepped in to carry out this major piece of work.


Thames Water, field engineer, Nigel Fuller, said: “It’s really important we make the sewer network fit for purpose and stop sewage from these properties potentially damaging the environment. We appreciate the road closure will cause disruption but it’s a job that has to be done. We’ve planned the work extremely carefully to coincide with school holidays to reduce the impact we have on local traffic as much as possible.”


Each year, Thames Water identifies thousands of misconnections across its region and has a specialist team dedicated to investigating them and advising property owners on how to get them fixed. The team work in close partnership with the Environment Agency to trace and reduce the number of misconnections, but it is predicted there are at least another 60,000 still to be found.


Nigel added: “We’ve got a massive job still to do to trace more of these misconnections across our patch – so it’s really important that anyone having extensions built or carrying out plumbing work employs a reputable plumber and knows exactly where their wastewater is heading.”


Customers can go to to find advice on plumbing and check their waste pipes are connected correctly.