Speaking to more customers about smart metering

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Metering Languages

Thames Water's ‘Getting a smart meter’ guide is now available in five extra languages to help more customers understand how being in control of their water use can lead to savings.

As part of the company's ongoing smart meter roll-out across the capital, the 16-page step-by-step guide can be downloaded in Bengali, Polish, Punjabi, Turkish and Urdu – the most commonly-used languages spoken across the London boroughs. 

Danny Leamon, Thames Water's head of metering, said: “I’m delighted we’re better able to support our customers whose first language isn’t English. We’re working hard to engage all communities in London, giving all households the opportunity to reduce their water use and bills.

"Smart meters are also great news for our environment as there are increasing pressures on our water sources. Not only do meters put customers in control of their water use, they also allow us to find leaks on the customers’ property, which we currently fix for free.”

In 2007, Thames Water’s supply area was designated an area of ‘serious water stress’ by the government. Forecasts suggest that if water use continues at its current rate, by 2020 there will be a shortfall of 133 million litres of water per day – the amount needed by 850,000 people. 

Danny continued: “As our guide explains, households will have two years to understand and reduce their usage before they’re moved on to a metered bill, unless they choose to switch early and cash-in on any savings.”

In addition to the guide, the company is offering award-winning Smarter Home visits, which provide customers receiving a smart meter with tailored water-saving advice and gadgets for free. Those who have taken up this offer of a Smarter Home visit have found a family of four could save as much as £180 a year on their water and energy bills.

The new booklets are available for download via Thames Water’s website www.thameswater.co.uk/my-account/water-meters/more-information/savings-made-simple and the water saving devices can be ordered here www.thameswater.co.uk/freebies.