Thames Water invests £1.9m in new water pipe for Hoddesdon

Last reviewed:

3 August 2016

Thames Water started work this week (Monday Aug 1) on a job to replace three kilometres of water pipe along Lord Street. A series of pipe bursts has led the water company to invest £1.9m in the new infrastructure.

The mains replacement is expected to take place in several phases, with the first 300m of pipe being laid this week while Lord Street is closed between Elbow Lane and Rosehill Close.

Thames Water senior operations engagement manager Alison Quatresols said: “We’re very aware of the history of burst pipes on the road which is why we’ve taken steps to make sure the pipe gets replaced this summer.

“Our work will reduce the risk of future burst pipes and help maintain water supplies to the area. We’re sorry for any disruption while the road is closed but it’s essential we get this done. We’ll do our best to keep disruption to a minimum”.