Thames Water proudly supports Pride festivals

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Thames Water proudly support Pride festivals

Dedicated teams from Thames Water are supporting this year’s Pride festivals across its region.

The water company has already proudly backed this year’s Oxford parade, and will also be supporting the upcoming London, Swindon and Reading festivals.

Hundreds of people descended on Radcliff Camera in the city to parade from Oxford Castle in a jubilant display to celebrate and promote equality for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community on June 3.

Thames Water helped sponsor the event, and also organised a community stall within the castle’s grounds to promote the company’s ‘Bin it – don’t block it’ campaign, and to share water-efficiency tips.

Padraic Knox, equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) champion at Thames Water, said: “We had the opportunity to meet lots of members of the community, and indeed customers.

“For me personally, it was so encouraging to see so many families and young children at the event supporting them understand from a young age that difference is perfectly acceptable.

“Our presence is important as it shows our customers that we are recognising the role diversity plays in our workplace and what being an inclusive employer really means.

“It also offers customers and potential employees the opportunity to interact with us and ask questions.

“On the day, we did meet lots of potential employees wanting to find out more about us.”

It is the first Pride festival Thames will sponsor this year, as they will also be supporting the London, Swindon and Reading parades.

Alex Bamsey, wholesale wastewater EDI lead, said: “I was really pleased hear a number of people say ‘it’s great that Thames Water is here today’.

“It was a great opportunity to engage with customers and potential employees. I would thoroughly recommend anyone getting involved in the upcoming events.”

The London parade will be held on July 8, with the Swindon one on July 29 with the final event on September 2 in Reading.

To find out more information about the London event, email, for the Swindon event email and for the Reading event email