Thames Water publishes trunk main action plan

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Mains replacement

Thames Water has today published its Trunk Mains Strategic Review which sets out a clear action plan, following a series of burst trunk mains last year.

The report from the UK’s largest water and waste water provider identifies 15 clear commitments designed to minimise the risk of similar bursts happening in the future, and to improve the business’ response to such emergencies.

The commitments are in direct response to the Trunk Mains Forensic Review, led by Paul Cuttill OBE, which was published earlier this year.

Thames Water’s Chief Executive Officer, Steve Robertson, said: “I fully understand how disruptive and upsetting these events have been for our customers and that’s why we’re determined to learn lessons.

He continued: “This thorough review commits us to a number of changes right across our business, many of which we’ve already begun to implement. We’ll be communicating our action plan with affected communities, customers and stakeholders to ensure we’re being held to the highest standards.”

Since December 2016, the company has been working to re-line and replace those trunk mains that burst. However, the longer term strategy is to replace the 3,200km of trunk mains, starting with those parts of the network where the risks of defects are greatest.

Sarah McMath, Thames Water’s Managing Director for Water, said: “I’m confident that once delivered, our action plan will improve the way we manage our trunk mains and that through collating better information about our network, coupled with better risk modelling, we can reduce the impact on our customers.”

The publication of the review comes as Thames Water is set to launch its new booklet ‘Putting things right’, which clearly outlines the support available for customers following incidents of this sort, including answers to more detailed matters including insurance.