Thames Water staff raise thousands for WaterAid at London Marathon

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Thames Water

Running the London Marathon is hard enough, but running it as one half of a camel is enough to give any athlete the ‘hump’.

Just ask Jack Brown, 24, and Matt Leydon, 37, who donned the famous costume for the iconic race at the end of April.

The duo were part of a team of eight runners from Thames Water who laced their running shoes and pounded out the 26 miles to raise funds for WaterAid.

Luke Matcham, Natalie Edwards, Anna Hodson, Gary Holton, Alex Holt and Ian Ware, who are all Thames Water employees but are based at different sites, made up the squad, and they all recorded some impressive times – including Humphrey!

Ian stormed home first of the group in a time of three hours, 44 minutes, with Luke Matcham finishing in four hours 12 minutes, Gary in four hours and 38 minutes, and Anna four hours 45 minutes.

Jack and Matt, having made a number of pit stops to change ends during the race, and their fundraising belly dance Natalie, all finished in five hours and 49 minutes.

Luke, who organised the team, said: “It was a fantastic day and an experience I will never forget. The crowd support, especially from the WaterAid cheer points, kept us motivated all the way through, and the array of bizarre costumes provided great entertainment.

“In terms of fundraising I think we will be looking at a total of more than £9,000 once we bank the offline donations.

“Thanks to everyone who contributed, the generosity of Thames staff and friends and family has been amazing.”

Thames Water has been supporting WaterAid, which aims to provide everyone in the world with safe access to water and sanitation, for more than 35 years, and has so far raised more than £35 million for the charity.

The funds raised from the marathon will be donated to the ‘Thames loves Malawi’ initiative, which aims to raise £2 million over four years to improve sanitation, provide safe water and educate people in two of the country’s biggest towns.

The team carried out a number of fundraising events before the marathon, including completing the Reading Half Marathon in March, and a number of charity events. The team also held a special sweepstake for people to guess Humphrey’s finishing time, with Louise Bates bagging the cash prize, with her guess of five hours and 51 minutes.

Although the race is now over, if you would still like to donate to Humphrey’s cause, visit