Thames Water takes fighting fatbergs to the ATOM festival

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ATOM Festival

Every year, Thames Water clears a staggering 85,000 blockages caused by things such as cooking fat, food waste and wet wipes being put down the drain. This creates blockages known as fatbergs, and can lead to raw sewage being forced back up into homes and businesses.

To help tackle this problem, the Thames Water team have been out in force at the ATOM Festival of Science and Technology over the weekend promoting the company’s clear message: ‘Bin it – don’t block it’.

Following the event in Abingdon, Liz Banks, Thames Water’s education manager, said: “I’m delighted that we took part in the ATOM festival, which showcases some of the fantastic research and development that’s going on in the Thames Valley.

She continued: “It was great to see some many people come and have a look at our interactive stand. Eight thousand customers a year are affected by sewer flooding caused by people putting the wrong things down the drain, so this is a really important message to get across.”

The festival, which forms part of the wider Oxfordshire Science Festival aims to inspire children, interest adults and make everyone aware of cutting edge research and development.