Toilet flushed out of Oxford city centre sewer

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Toilet oxford

This picture taken in Oxford city centre at the weekend gives new meaning to 'flushing the toilet'.

Thames Water's 'Bin it - don't block it' campaign warns of the dangers of pulling the chain on wet wipes and sanitary products. But now added to the extensive list of what should never end up in the company's sewers is a toilet.

Thames Water spokesman Stuart White said: "It never ceases to amaze us what we find in our sewers, but this toilet really pushes the boundaries. Our message is simple, if it's not poo, pee or toilet paper please 'Bin it - don't block it'. The sewers are not an abyss for household rubbish and things like wet wipes, cotton buds, nappies, and crazy things like concrete and now toilets, should never end up down there."
The toilet was found and removed by maintenance technicians while clearing a blockage, which can cause customers to be flooded by sewage, on Saturday in Oxford city centre.