Top marks for newly qualified Thames Water apprentices

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Top marks for newly qualified Thames Water apprentices

Eight Thames Water apprentices have completed four-year courses and continued their prosperous careers as fully-qualified technicians.


Kayne Chambers-Blucher (pictured), Darren Ewer, Adam Bradbury, Catherine Corridan, Mark Bowler, Ikram Patel, Tom Inward and Simon Hasselbury have all signed full-time contracts after starting the scheme at various Thames Water sites across London and the Thames Valley in 2012.


Kayne Chambers-Blucher, 22, from Oxford, was presented with the prestigious Apprentice of the Year award at a graduation ceremony for mentors, managers and apprentices to mark the end of the programme.


The newly qualified dual-skilled technician said: “I think the apprentice programme is great, I really enjoyed it and I learnt a lot.


“It was one of the best I have found as I have mates who are doing similar apprenticeships for other companies, and I learnt a lot more and received more qualifications out of it than they did.


“I think it’s amazing really. You get introduced to a very closely bonded group, and then if you go out on site people take you under their wing and help you.”


Top marks for newly qualified Thames Water apprentices

Thames Water is currently training 102 apprentices in different parts of the company, including in waste, water and customer services as it continues to cultivate the next generation of its workforce.


The company, which is the UK’s largest water and water services provider serving 15 million customers, also has a renowned graduate programme for students leaving university and was recently named the top water company for graduates to work at in a Guardian survey.


Lawrence Gosden, Thames Water’s managing director for wholesale waste, said at the recent event in Paddington: “Tonight is a celebration of all of the hard work you have all put in over the last four years of your apprenticeships, recognising your fantastic achievements and giving you an opportunity to step back and think about what you’ve achieved over the course of the programme.”


“Simply, we recruit apprentices with the intent of them becoming our technical subject matter experts.


“It’ll require their drive and ability to continue learning, but it’s doable. In this very room, could well be the directors of 2036, and that’s pretty cool.”


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