Tougher pipes to keep Hammersmith flowing

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Mains replacement

Thames Water is set to replace up to 1,500 meters of old cast-iron pipework with tougher plastic pipes to help keep taps in Hammersmith flowing.

The existing iron pipes – some over 100 years old and buried deep underground – are more likely to leak and leave customers without water, plus cause travel delays during emergency repairs.

The upcoming work, to ensure a reliable water supply in the area long into the future, is due to take place from the week of 6 March and is expected to last until early July. The work will take place:

  • Between King Street and the junction of Leamore Street to the west
  • Between the Queen Caroline Street outside the Apollo, north, to the junction of Black’s Road
  • Fulham Palace Road at the junction with Talgarth Road

Neil Hancock, Thames Water’s project manager, said: “Work in Hammersmith to replace old water pipes is an essential job – to benefit customers now and way into the future. If we don’t do it, there’s a greater risk of leaky pipes and bursts, both of which could result in customers without water and travel delays because of emergency repairs.

“We’re sorry for any inconvenience our work will cause, but we will be working as fast as we can to get those old, leaky pipes, replaced with new, tough plastic ones.”

Thames Water is working closely with Hammersmith and Fulham Council and has now started two weeks’ worth of surveying in and around the named locations.

Thames Water’s Victorian mains replacement programme has so far seen 1,600 miles of new pipes installed across its region – enough to stretch from Hammersmith to Romanian capital Bucharest.