Water pipe repairs to continue in Crayford Road

Last reviewed:

18 October 2016

Water pipe repair work will continue in Crayford Road for the rest of this week, Thames Water has confirmed.

Engineers were working from 7am until 10pm last week, finishing repairs to one damaged pipe before turning their full attention to a more complex job further towards the High Street.

To keep customers in water supply during this repair, however, resilience work must be carried out elsewhere on the network away from Crayford Road. This means there may be periods of inactivity at the site of the repairs.

Thames Water senior operations manager Danny Leamon said: “Our priority since the burst has been to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible. It was our pipe and is our responsibility to put right.

“This is a very complicated repair due to the depth and location of the pipe – surrounded by other large water pipes and a gas main. We’re also determined to keep our customers’ taps flowing during the work, and so must take each step very carefully to avoid further disruption."

Thames Water teams had been working to fix a 12-inch wide pipe, which runs inside a bridge above the railway line, when a second burst on a joining 18-inch pipe in the early hours of last Sunday morning caused water supply disruption and flooding to the area.

Its customer support vehicle and loss adjustors were in the Crayford High Street area all last week speaking to customers, and supporting those affected through the insurance process.

For information:

  • Diversions remain in place but the retail park is open for business
  • Around 5,000 properties in the area had water supply interruptions on Sunday
  • Thames Water operates 20,000 miles of water pipes, 10,000 miles of those are in London