Water pumping station gets £250,000 makeover

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Frith boosters

A quarter of a million pound project to improve the resilience of Godalming’s water supply has recently been completed by Thames Water.


Work to upgrade the Frith water booster station, which helps pump 22 litres of drinking water a second to around 15,000 properties, began in September and was successfully finished last month. 


Old inefficient pumps were replaced with new ones at the Sandy Lane site, while a new and less noisy back-up generator was installed so the vital machinery can continue operating as normal if the main power source fails.


The improvements mean water supplies are much less likely to be interrupted due to pump failures or power cuts, and Thames Water’s engineers can drain the nearby Priorsfield Tower reservoir to inspect its condition without local water supplies being affected. Work on the 135-year-old reservoir, which has to be inspected every 10 years, is set to begin this autumn.


Thames Water project manager Steve Doell, who oversaw the work at the booster station, said: “The upgrade was £250,000 well spent as the water supply to 15,000 properties is much more reliable because of it. We know how frustrating is it for our customers when they’re without water so it’s down to us to make sure we do all we can to reduce the risk of problems and keep the water flowing. By making our equipment less noisy we hope we’re being a better neighbour to people living nearby too.


“This project is a great example of how investment in some of our smaller sites can still make a big difference by improving the essential service we provide.”