Wellbeing work presented at national Stress Summit

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Karl Simmons - H&S Award

Thames Water has been invited to speak about its forward-thinking health and wellbeing programme at the Health and Safety Executive’s (HSE) national stress summit in London tomorrow.

The company’s proactive and open approach for managing mental health issues at work has resulted in a 56% reduction in cases of stress, anxiety and depression since 2013.

It provides a range of services for staff including a free personal medical assessment, positive energy sessions, and conducts executive reviews in cases of work-related illness. Thames Water also runs an annual industry-wide Water Wellbeing Week and offers personal resilience courses.

Karl Simons, Thames Water’s head of health, safety, security and wellbeing, who will present at the summit, said: “Being invited to talk about our approach by the HSE is a great recognition of the work we have undertaken with leadership, initiatives and wellbeing performance outcomes.

“It’s not just for our own employees. We realised that by partnering with the water industry as a whole, the potential of our programme could reach much further. Engaging and sharing our approach, by providing education and information on lifestyle, diet, stress reduction and exercise, with our partners is also part of our commitment to getting people more active and resilient.”

Hosted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), The Stress Summit brings together keynote speakers and leading experts from across the health and safety industry to explain the benefits of an organisational approach to preventing stress at work. The event is being held at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Westminster.

In 2015/16, according to the HSE, 11.7 million working days were lost across England, Scotland and Wales because of stress, anxiety and depression, resulting in an estimated social and economic cost of £5.2 billion.