Over to you

Are we making the right choices?

From the end of April to the beginning of July 2017, we spoke to over 5000 of our customers and stakeholders about their water future.

We took our roadshow to 34 community events and held 8 discussion forums across London and the Thames Valley. We received feedback on whether we are making the right choices, how our ideas will affect local communities and if there’s anything we have missed.

We’ll carefully consider all the comments we received, alongside feedback from our other customer research and engagement activities.

We'll use the feedback to make sure our plans include the right mix of your priorities. We’ll be ready to unveil our draft plans in January 2018, when we will give you a further opportunity to tell us what you think.

Our independent Customer Challenge Group will make sure we properly consider all views as we make the final changes to our plan.

Thank you for helping us to build your water future.

You can help

Customers have already helped us to develop five long-term priorities. Now it’s time to look at more detail and decide where to invest our time. We will also need to work out how we will achieve that vision.

Read about our five long term priorities.

To deliver our five long-term priorities we would need to make some improvements to services. So we have come up with three different options and we would like to know what you think.

These options give you an idea of the likely impact on your bill if the service is improved, kept the same, or reduced.